hey guys!

so i’ve been super busy with work and school-and little bit of depression just to mix things up. @_@ but i’m planning on getting back to tumblr pretty soon.

one of the reasons i’ve been away was i was considering shutting this blog down. I get plenty of questions-i have about 300 still waiting to be answered, but the hate i was getting was also overwhelming. so i took some time away and now feel good enough to resume answering asks.

i love this blog, and i love yyh, and i love most of you ;) you anons that are being mean to me though…well maybe i kinda don’t like you at all. :p. but the break i took gave me renewed vigor and i hope to get back to this soon. 

i’m thinking of having another contest in September so we’ll see how things go. :>

ep 13 doodle…

okay seriously i knew right away what scene i wanted to do, so here’s one half assed doodle just cuz i half way entertained the idea of doing this one

ep 13: Yusuke vs rando 99 attacks-

okay first off let me say, that is the best yusuke face i’ve ever done, ever. in the history of yusuke faces, i’ve never drawn that well. Like seriously i draw really fast, so i think if i’d just slow my roll i’d draw amazing Yusuke faces all the time.

OKay and now about the episode. And so with this episode, one of my favorite arcs is wrapped up. I loved the rando arc. It’s really the beginning for everythign. Yusuke’s training with genkai, Kuwabara getting wrapped up in all this craziness…I just love it. I knew the moment i took this screen cap this was the image i was going to redraw. Hard as hell cuz fuck grass but hey i really  am glad i chose this scene.

Ep 12 doodles that didn’t quite make it….

and now for scenes considered but scapped in the end…

Ep 12: Rando Rises, Kuwabara falls

thiiiiiiiiiis motherfucking episode. the beginning of the yusuke kuwabara bromance-well not the beginning but like the last fucking step before these two became broskis. I think. GAWD. RANDO. MOTHERFUCKER IS SCARY. I WILL FIGHT ABOUT THIS SHIT. HE SCARES ME. but yeah. choosing a screen cap was hard for this. 

an important annocement

an important annocement

You are all precious!

(whoops posted in the wrong blog)


So yeah commissions! 

It’s my first time doing this so let me know if I’ve messed anything up ;U; (also if you could signal boost this I’d appreciate it)

Base prices:

Icons - $5


  • Waist up - $7
  • Full body - $10
  • Added flat color - +$3

Flat color lineart: 

  • Waist up - $14
  • Full body - $17

Shaded lineart/Lineless:

  • Waist up - $20
  • Full body - $25

Additional costs:

  • Additional characters - +$4 per character
  • Detailed background - +$4-10 (depending on detail)

Prices are negotiable if you ask up front

For original characters please provide a reference image of some type

I’ll draw almost anything, including nsfw, so message me and we can work out pricing for that. 

If you have any questions please send me an ask, or message me at 


Askbox open!

guys look! It’s Yukina!

(have i reblogged anything from them yet? I don’t know-but look! another ask blog!  check it out!)


So uh…i got a lot of this question. About six asks all similar to this one. This one was the politest version I got…sorry if this answer isn’t good enough. But I don’t think you should fight woman-i’m not trying to dismiss womans’ strength…it’s just how I feel.

Over the years I’ve learned, like men, there are evil woman. And regardless of gender-bad guys need to be stopped. But it was a hard lesson to learn…anyhow, I hope this clears a few things up.


Hey it’s the artist here. So not only did i get this question on my Kuwabara ask, I got it here at asktheyychrew-and i got the question in droves! At both blogs! And the questions….weren’t so nice as this one… They were all kind of rude and attacking. 

And i just gotta say-as a reminder-this is a fan blog. I don’t really have the answers to explain how the series is-and there is also a living breathing person behind this blog. You know one with feelings which ya can hurt with verbal attacks?

And Kuwabara’s answer is my personal opinion. Remember yyh was an 80/early 90’s show. Back in the day Kuwabara’s views of not fighting woman (even immensely strong demon woman) was fairly common. Perhaps he misspoke and came off as rude (sexist as some of the anons were putting it) but just to put in my two cents remember he was a kid and still had some growing to do.

And please please-remember there are ppl behind the blogs-and any slights made towards me just because you don’t like a character-IS SILLY!!